Nicola Zegrini – You are the change


We are in November and now everyone is wondering what will happen in the days, weeks and months to come, but also how and, more importantly, when.

We all feel the great changes are at hand, but the closer we get to the fateful day the more we are attacked, inexorably, by doubts.

One of the biggest challenges we face is to convince the skeptical or pessimistic by nature, those who think that everything will always be in the same way, that we are fools to think otherwise and that it is useless to resist and those who do not see bejond their nose, that accept abstruse tales that are served up on television as incontrovertible truth and watch anyone who has a different idea as if he were out of his mind or even a subversive and those who haven’t the slightest interest in the teachings of some ancient philosopher as the latest discoveries of science, because for them there is nothing but the life of every day with his problems, his fears and his rare moments of joy, they think they know everything, and anything that is foreign to their vision is ignored or rejected.

I’m sorry to say, but these people are the greatest evil for the time of change in which we find ourselves. Because the only change is the change of consciousness and as long as it does not change the way they think nothing can really change. What I mean is that the change must be, first of all, within us and, for us, I mean the whole of humanity. There are no revolutions until we have revolutionized the way we think and face life. There may also be those fateful mass arrests or disclosure existence of UFOs and all this would create a huge outcry at the beginning, then there could be debt cancellation and that would bring, no doubt, a great wealth but then what? How much would last? Do you really think this is enough? Not cheap, I admit it, but I’m sure that these changes is not enoygh to make us feel truly happy if we do not manage to look inside ourselves to discover who we really are, if we do not first understand that we are all part of the ONE and the happiness of one is the happiness of all, as well as the pain of one is the pain of all, that the wealth acquired at the expense of someone else is not real wealth and that the only progress is the progress of all humanity.

Don’t worry, now we are going to move on to good news.

I have always been struck by the studies of Rupert Sheldrake ever since I heard about it for the first time and I think that what he has discovered can be applied very well to our time.

I’ll summarize it briefly.

Rupert Sheldrake is a well-known English scientist (born in 1942) who graduated in biology at Cambridge and philosophy at Harvard. After his studies he moved to some remote island in the Pacific to study the behavior of some primates (monkeys) and what he has discovered in this period of study is surprising, he noted that when a monkey learned something, it moved in the same time at all his fellows. In particular, he noted that after a monkey had learned to clean a poteto before eating it, it was able to pass this habit to all the others. This may appear normal, because of course a monkey may have copied the behavior of the other, but the surprising thing was the discovery that, in other islands, away from where the experiment started all the monkeys of the same breed had acquired in the same time, the same habit to clean the potatoes. Following Sheldrake has made other similar experiments and always the result was that after a certain number of animals learned a particoular behavior, that behavior was invariably sent to all individuals of the same species, although there were no direct or indirect contact, and regardless of the distance, and this always happened, whenever you reached a threshold or critical mass of individuals who had learned that behavior. This phenomenon Rupert has called morphic resonance and explained with the hypothesis that there might be a sort of field, resonance, which stores all the memories and experiences-which in that field can be accessed through the brain, any individual belonging in that same species. Of course, to store some experience in that field is necessary to have reached the critical mass, the number of individuals who have learned that experience, and the critical mass Sheldrake has estimated around 1% of individuals. Basically, after a 1% of the members of a given species learns a behavior, an attitude or a way of thinking, that behavior will be automatically sent to all members of the same species.

We can now try to apply these important discoveries to the theory of another great biologist, this time American Bruce H. Lipton (born in 1944), in his excellent book, The Spontaneous Evolution, has tried to give a modern interpretation to the notorius Theory of Evolution of Species by Charles Darwin. I will try to summarize as much as possible: According to Lipton, Darwin was right in saying that evolution took place over thousands of years and at random, but in this discovery htere was something missing, it missed a sort of guideline, a will that seems to take good a given evolutionary line rather than another. According to Lipton, therefore, during the evolution can be a myriad of changes, but only one is the one that takes precedence over the others, as if there was some sort of will judging between the various changes and that will make always prevail the one who leads to a better progress for the species.

Let’s try to imagine a kind of continuity between these two theories, namely that you have to reach a certain critical mass before you can initiate a change and that change will prevail only if it leads to the development, growth and progress.

In my opinion we are now at that point. At the point where we are one step closer to achieving the critical mass and, as soon as we reached it, we can make a huge leap towards the evolution of mankind.

 Personally, I begin to see small changes in most of the people around me: even those individuals most rabid, pessimistic, depressed and angry seem to have gained a greater confidence in recent weeks, although the situation is certainly not that good. Everyone seems more fatalistic, more likely to believe that everything will work out for the better, less prone to be dragged into the abyss by the usual fears. But the most important thing is that almost all the people I know feel that we are on the verge of a turning point and that nothing can remain as it was.

Despite the media are trying to scare us with the economic crisis, with the threat of a world war, people are increasingly ready to smile and help each other. Who does not respect this collective consciousness that is emerging can no longer get away with it and then it is no coincidence that now all these stories of corruption around the world are desplayed. The critical mass that we are reaching is this: a humanity that feels to be part of a single reality, that feels that it is time to help others rather than take from them, that feels that hatred and war not lead anywhere and it is only with the Love that we can achieve real progress. Who is not part of this critical mass is destined to succumb, has no future. This is what is happening and we have to be grateful to all those who, like us, fought and especially believed in a better world and to all those who believe in love.

We are about to reach critical mass, you may be sure, please spread this message as much ad can because even hope can do a lot to speed up this passage and then there will be nothing but love.


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.


Mahatma Gandhi

By Nicola Zegrini


2 risposte a “Nicola Zegrini – You are the change

  1. I absolutely agree with what is being said in this article. Thank you Nicola for this great commentary you are sharing. I will be sharing this to spread the message. Take care.

  2. Yes, I see the point of the article – a species learns (or can learn) from the knowledge of one and that knowledge (somehow) seems to be able to transcend distance which makes others in various locations aware of the same behavior modification. It could be said of the invention of the airplane. Although the Wright brothers were the first, others in europe and elsewhere were very close with the same concept on or near the same time.

    However, the date 21 December is very quickly approaching, wars are in full swing and even new ones are starting, the world economy is rapidly deteriorating, none of the signs that channelers or others talk about appear to be even remotely coming true. So, although I wish and hope that things will be better for humanity as a whole, I remain very skeptical for the near future but, we shall see.


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