Age of love and creation


We are all part of a single organism called humanity, hate is the force that divides us while love is a powerful force that brings us together and makes us to be part of creation.


Our body is made from a myriad of cells, each of which is living, thinking, each of which performs a task within the large collective design which is to contribute to the welfare of the entire community, or the body in which they dwell.


Our planet, too, can be considered a living organism: as many living organisms also it is teeming with life, it is in fact a set of thinking entities that are born, live and die in it and, in so doing, contribute to the common purpose that is the growth and evolution.


Then, what is the thing that brings us to unite ourselves to the pursuit of a collective goal? What is it that gives meaning to our existence and encourages us to move forward despite the difficulties. What is it that gives us joy and fulfillment, what makes life worth living?


The answer to all these questions could possibly be LOVE.


I’m not talking about that kind of obsessive and selfish love that demands exclusivity and take you to consider the other person as a property and as something to bend to your will. I am not talking about the love that divides and creates violence when the other person has a vision of life different from our own. I am not even speaking about the love which is founded on the obligation and compulsion, on doubt and jealousy. I speak instead of that kind of love based on collaboration, and on desiring other people’s happiness more then our’s own, on the understanding that together we can be something more than the sum of many individual individuality.


Each of us has a different vision of love but most of the time this vision does correspond to the love in a couple, and when two people are together to try to realize each other. Now, I’m absolutely not saying  that this is the wrong vision of this feeling, far from it, it is a noble and romantic vision, but let’s consider the possibility that this kind of love is only a small part of a larger feeling: a feeling that unites every living thing that sustains life and brings forth, each time towards new goals. A collective feeling that unites us all: men and women, plants and animals, animate and inanimate beings. A feeling that makes us feel part of a single entity and to be all part of One.


Countless times science has been faced with an unknown force without being able, to totally explain it, they called the weak force, the dark matter or the particle of God, they have tried to associate it with the electromagnetic field or any other type of force known but they was never able to separate and then to identify it. They know, however, that this force does exist, that there is some unknown energy that makes life possible, that moves all the planets, thet permits the non-local communication of two particles and the very existence of all that is.


Countless experiments have been done to verify the presence and almost always these experiments have led to a positive response.


What is this force? What is it? Once again, the answer might be this: LOVE.


Yes, love, the most powerful feeling that we know and, as  the great Giordano Bruno sayd: “The greatest strength of nature is love.”


Love therefore could be considered a force like gravity or magnetic force, but can also be more powerful of these because it is the basis of everything. The strength without which all the other could not exist, the force that made possible the creation of all that is.


We should consider love like this: as a major force that makes possible the aggregation of any other force to create something distinct, aimed at developing and progress. To better understand this concept we can take as example the construction of a building, where various forces come together: the architect who does the design and the engeneer that makes it feasible, from the bricks to human work who puts them together . Is only because of the union of these forces that construction can be successful and can become something beautiful and functional. Without this union, made possible by love, (for it’s own work,  progress and result) the result that would come out would be a poor thing.


But to better understand Love we must also consider its opposite: hatred.


Life on earth or, as it would be more accurate to say, the life within our dimension, is characterized by a constant state of balance between two equal and opposite forces: hot and cold, matter and antimatter, light and darkness, life and death, love and hate. Let us now imagine these contraries, which we always have seen as distinct forses, as a single force or as two different aspects of this unique force. Let’s try to imagine the opposite of any of these forces as a mere absence or shortage of the same: the cold as the absence of the heat; the light as the absence of darkness, and so on, until you get to love and hate.


In this perspective, we might consider the hatred merely the absence of love: a positive force, the love that unites, creates, leads to evolution, and another which is nothing but the absence of the former, that divides and destroys and leads to the dissolution. Love is the force that makes us work together to achieve a common goal that brings us to smile, to support one another, wishing for a better world and the hatred that leads us to fight, to the separation , to the fight and to  destroy of all that, with love, he had created.


What does this mean? That perhaps the best weapon to combat hatred and all the feelings related to it, is the same love. How can you fight the darkness if not with the light? How can you defeat the cold other than with heat and vice versa. Although it may appear to us absurd, until now we have never done this. We never faced hatred with love, but with the same hatred. We fought a force with the same unique force, with the absurd result to give that force even more energy. We have  lots of examples of this and each of us knows how is innate the human tendency to respond to hatred with more hatred, to aggression with aggression,  to spite with another spite. Was the fear who forced us to act like this and, with the fear, was the lack of awareness. The only way to fight or disable a force is with its opposite force, there is no others.


There can be no better example of the life of Gandhi who managed to change history by opposing nonviolence to violence? I understand how this may seem absurd, but it will not be so if we learned not consider hatred as a force in its own but as simple lack of love.


We are on the verge of a turning point. For nearly 13,000 years, our world has been ruled by the duality: the clash of two equal and opposite forces. We’ve been dominated, exploited and subjugated by individuals who were fed our hatred and our fear. They destroyed everything that we, with love, builted. They kept us in bondage for the sole purpose not to make us realize how powerful we were and how many things we could accomplish as a community. They prompted us to fight between each other and have been feeding us with our negative energy. We were never allowed us to understand what force was LOVE.


Until now we have lived in the age of separation, where we fought each other, we destroyed everything that we built and we tried to become rich ignoring the fact that it could be done at the expense of another person. Now we are entering the era of the unit where we will understand that it is only together that we can work for the progress and that it makes no sense get rich at the expense of another person because true wealth is only the one that is achieved together. The real progress is not the individual one but it only that of the entire human race.


We’re going to understand who we really are and what our potentials is. We are going to understand that only through love that we can overcome hatred, which is only by being united that we can get great results. We are understanding that we are all one and that together we all possess the greatest strength of the universe: LOVE.


The world that awaits us will be a world in which there will be no more hatred and violence because we understand that these things are nothing more than a lack of love and peace.


It will be a world in which there will be no more destruction but only progress. It will be a time when we’ll realize that if we do harm to our neighbor and the world in which we live we do harm to ourselves.


What lies ahead will be a period characterized by a fast progress because we are understanding that is love that puts us together and that together we can accelerate our evolution exponentially.


There will be no more lack and limitation because we understand that it is our mind that createe everything we experience and we will not let false limiting feelings enter in our minds.


The lack and separateness age helped us to grow up, to become what we are, but now, for those who want it, that time is over. Now we know that love is the only force that moves the universe.




I think there is no better way to end this article then the final words of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy:


Is love that moves the sun and the other stars.




Nicola Zegrini


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